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DIMOL QUENCH OILS are heat treatment oils blended from solvent refined base oils with specially selected additives that facilitate fast quenching through proper and controlled cooling, have outstanding chemical and oxidation stability. These oils also have excellent thermal properties, low volatility, high flash and fire points. DIMOL QUENCH OILS are used for different types of quenching operations on wide variety metallic parts. DIMOL QUENCH 22, DIMOL QUENCH 32 and DIMOL QUENCH 68 are straight mineral oil type quenching oils whereas DIMOL QUENCH SPECIAL 22 and DIMOL QUENCH SPECIAL32 are compounded type quenching oils for the hardening of Carbon steel, Gray iron and High-alloy steel. These oils are used in quenching of Nut bolts, Crank shafts, Bright bars, Tools, Automotive components and Industrial components.