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With the advances of technology in modern diesel engines and ever tighter emission legislation, the role of engine oil has become extremely important. On top of that, for the owners and operators of all commercial vehicles efficiency and reliability are time and money. Every day you need to make sure that your vehicle performs well and no unexpected failure occurs. Minimizing unscheduled downtime is key to keeping your business running smoothly and delivering on your promise. But for the heart of the vehicle that is your engine needs to be fit and powerful to carry the heavy loads on the twisty and up hill roads, long highways, etc and to maintain this fitness you need put correct engine oil in your vehicle according to owner's manual specified by manufacturer. In response to those needs Di-mol has engineered a product range of advanced diesel engine oils that can reduce frictional resistance and protect against corrosion and wear, assist in sealing, contribute to cooling the engine, and facilitate the suspension of harmful combustion by-products.Whatever your vehicle's requirements you can easily find the right product that will help your engine perform at its best.