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These knitting oils have been developed from high-quality light-coloured mineral oils with excellent resistance to oxidation and fortified with special additives for imparting excellent properties of scouring ability along with anti-wear and antirust characteristics. Besides the above characteristics, these knitting oils have long service life without the generation of sludge and acid which increase the wear on the machines. These knitting oils also possess excellent non-foaming and unique lubricity characteristics.For making variety of hosiery fabrics, Automatic circular knitting machines are being used by modern knitting industry. In these automatic circular knitting machines, numerous fibres come through small guided holes from the top of the machine. The interloping of these fibres is carried out with the continuous movement of one fibre which moves horizontally in circular moon and a cylinder shaped “grey” cloth is produced. For the required lubrication of these machines, the knitting oils with viscosity grade, VG 12, 22 and 32 are recommended for this application.